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XML Editing component


I have an XML schema (NITF) for which I need to allow my end user to create
documents. Currently, I am using DHTMLEdit for IE to allow the user to
create HTML which I then transform into NITF (fortunately most of it is HTML
like). I am running into all sorts of problems as a result. In order to do a
reasonable job of transforming, I have to make a number of simplifications.
I also can't support all the tags (there are a number of tags used for
adding symantic information to the document) since they aren't HTML like. 

What I want is a component (either ActiveX or Java/JavaBean) that I can
setup to create documents in for a specific schema, and add things like
spelling/grammar checking to. I looked at the IBM AphaWorks EditorMaker but
it seems to be incompatible with the current versions of the dependant

If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears. I'm developing for IE 5.5+ (although
Java might be better in the long run), so very specific solutions for it are

I've also thought about using the editable property from IE to accomplish a
similar effect, but it seems like it would be a lot of work.


Adam van den Hoven
Internet Software Developer
Blue Zone
tel. 604 685 4310 ext. 280
fax 604 685 4391

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