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Re: XML Schema: DOs and DON'Ts

> But my point is that when you use attribute groups you *are* using local
> attribute declarations. The attribute

Right. But I want readers to understand that <attribute> is allowed only
under an <attributeGroup>, just like DTD.  People don't need to learn
another way to do the same thing. One is enough.

> the schema. It seems to me you are misleading your readers by claiming that
> attribute declarations inside attribute groups are somehow different from
> attribute declarations inside complex types when, in fact, they are not.

I didn't write they are different. I didn't even mention that attributes
can be written directly inside a complexType. As I said above, my
intention is to make readers understand that <attribute>s are allowed
only as children of <attributeGroup>. Because they don't need to learn
complex types, it's a natural consequence, isn't it.

That's why I proposed a solution that uses an attributeGroup for the
problem I depicted.

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