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Re: Defining XML Best Practices

On 17 May 2001, John Evdemon wrote:

> On 17 May 2001, at 9:50, Michael Champion wrote:
> > Some ideas ...
> > 
> > A general XML "Best Practices" website/mailing list focussing on this?
> Great idea.  Check out www.xmlpatterns.com.

Who's actually behind this site? Who decides which patterns make 
it in or not? Who created all those patterns in the first place? The 
only information on the About page contains generic mailing 
addresses and no information about any companies sponsoring it, 
or who the editor is, or anything else of that nature. Maybe I'm 
weird, but having a name (maybe even one I recognise) attached to 
a web site does give me more confidence in the contents.