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Re: Attributes v Elements

Tim Bray scripsit:
> At 10:51 AM 17/05/01 -0400, John Cowan wrote:
> ><p><span>This is no longer </span><i>mixed</i><span> content</span></p>
> Yeah, but that sucks, doesn't it?

Terseness of markup is of minimal importance.

> Er, wouldn't you need either <span> or <> around the word
> "mixed"? If not, why not? -T

To avoid mixed content as such, every element needs to contain either
only sub-elements or only #PCDATA.  In this case, "p" contains
contains "span" and "i" elements, and "i" and "span" elements
contain only #PCDATA.

John Cowan                                   cowan@ccil.org
One art/there is/no less/no more/All things/to do/with sparks/galore
	--Douglas Hofstadter