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Re: Attributes v Elements

At 04:14 AM 17/05/01 -0700, Duane Nickull wrote:
>XML 1.0 also does not recommend against the use of mixed content but I think
>you will also find that in general the best practice is to avoid it.

You know, normally I agree with Duane, but this is two postings in a
row where I'm raising my eyebrows.  Avoiding mixed content is highly
sensible when you're serializing data structures that don't embed
thingies in streams of text, the simple and natural thing to do when
you are.  For example, doing XHTML in the absence of mixed content
would be horribly painful. One of the nice things about XML is that it 
usually can model the data the way it actually is, not the way you want 
to idealize it.

As for adjectives and nouns?  Good heavens, I'm a computer
programmer.  -Tim