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Re: Attributes v Elements

> You know, normally I agree with Duane, but this is two postings in a
> row where I'm raising my eyebrows.  Avoiding mixed content is highly
> sensible when you're serializing data structures that don't embed
> thingies in streams of text, the simple and natural thing to do when
> you are.  For example, doing XHTML in the absence of mixed content
> would be horribly painful. One of the nice things about XML is that it
> usually can model the data the way it actually is, not the way you want
> to idealize it.
> >>>>>>>>>


Sorry for the late reply - I am still stuck in Europe since ebXML.

Yes - you are (as usual) correct.  XHTML would just not be as much fun
without mixed content.

I was merely referring to my domain, business use,  where my personal
experiences with parsers returning funny results from mixed content XML made
me ( and others like yourself) generally avoid it whenever possible.  I
haven't tried lately to see what a SAX and DOM parsing of mixed content
returns so I may be a bit dated.

Does anyone else have any recent experiences parsing mixed content with
inconsistent results between DOM and SAX methods???

Duane Nickull