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Re: Searching XML

Phil Ruelle wrote:
> Afternoon All,
> I want to create an application that can search through a number
> (between a couple of hundred and a couple of thousand) of
> relatively small XML documents (<10KB) and return a list of 'hits'
> based on the search criteria. An important point is that all
> documents will conform to the same schema.
> I wish to keep the application as simple as possible (e.g. storing
> the documents in the filesystem rather than a DB if suitable) and do
> not want to purchase any generic XML DB package (or indeed
> purchase any software at all!).
> I would be most grateful for any hints, tips or resources (web sites,
> books) that people can suggest as to how I should approach this.
> I'm sure there are a number of suitable packages available and
> whilst I would be interested to hear of them I would also like to learn
> about 'how' they work rather than just using them as 'black box'
> solutions.

Take a look at dbXML. It is an XML database so it might be beyond what
you need but it fits all your other criteria. It's open source so you
can definitely see how it works. http://www.dbxml.org 

> Regards,
> Phil Ruelle
> P.S. It's threads like "Attributes vs Elements" that make this
> newsgroup essential reading. Very informative even for us
> beginners who don't quite follow it all!
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Kimbro Staken
The dbXML Project