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RE: Namespace conformance & SAX2

Rob Lugt wrote:
> Yes, perhaps my wording was unfortunate.  How about if I reword my
> explanation like so:-
> "Syntax errors are well-formedness errors in XML 1.0 and well-formedness
> errors are reported as fatal errors.  Therefore, it follows that syntax
> errors on the QName or NCName productions should be reported as
> fatal errors
> to be consistent."

no. XML 1.0 does not define a 'syntax error' as a well-formedness error. see
http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml#sec-well-formed. Well-formedness constraints
applicable to XML are defined in the XML 1.0 rec, not in any other document.
These are labelled "WFC" in the spec. Similarly "Namespace Constraints" are
labelled "NSC" in the namespace spec. Do a grep and you'll see.