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XML in systems development

Some of you might be interested in this document on the use
of XML in enterprise information sytems.


There are two formats - (1) one big file and (2) a multi-file version.
Links to both are found at the above URL.

This is the second public draft of this document (first draft last
November). It is a rather high level overview of a large topic
and there is still a long way to go.

Some sections of it need a lot of work. The section on exchange
is especially undeveloped, i think in part due to the fact that this
area of exchange and XML is still very much in flux.

The document gives few if any answers but asks a lot of

There are many gaps in the content reflecting gaps in my
understanding. No doubt some of what i've written also
reveals gaps in my understanding.

I would be glad to have any feedback, ideas or contributions.
All contributions will of course be acknowledged. I would also
be happy to include references to related work.

This is one of a number of documents on the use of XML i'm
working on. The others are more concrete and cover less
ground in more detail. To some extent they elaborate on some
aspects of this document.

David Jackson
DSTC, Brisbane, Australia