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RE: Word to XML

I've just converted a couple of word documents (80 to 150 pages) to xml 
(docbook) using a product from logictran (www.logictran.com). They have an 
evaluation version online (30 days). 

The resulting xml in docbook format was quite usable with little manual cleanup.
The pictures were converted too but I decided to use the originals instead.

After the conversion I used the toolchain from Norman Walsh (nwalsh.com or 
docbook.org) to generate PDF or html. Now I'm trying his website.dtd to generate
a whole site.



PS: I have no relation with logictran besides using their product

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Subject: RE: Word to XML
Author:  ben (ben@legendary.org) at unix,mime
Date:    21/05/01 09:31

At 09:17 AM 5/21/2001 +0100, Baudoncq Gert wrote:
>For this sort of conversions to XML the best tool available is definitely 
>OmniMark (http://www.omnimark.com). But it is very important that the styles 
>are applied consistently in the Word document and that is something that you 
>can't control.
>Maybe you can use a plug-in for Word to make it possible to write XML 
>immediately. In this case you should have a look at i4i. 
         I believe B-Bop (www.b-bop.com) also had a good tool for Word to 
XML conversions. I've used an earlier version than they're currently 
selling, and it was really quite good.
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