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RE: Definition of XML

Erik Ray: "XML is a specification for creating markup languages."
gets the most traction.
The up to date definition is the specification.  The rest is application and prophecy.


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From: Anthony Abbott [mailto:anthony.abbott@jupiter-ebiz.com]

This must be a pretty basic question...
but can anyone please point me to a succint and up-to-date definiiton of XML?
Here are a few of the ideas that I have come across.
Mike Walsh: "XML is a markup language for documents containing structured information."
Simon St. Laurent: "XML provides a foundation for creating documents and document systems."
Jon Bosak: "...the future lingua franca for the exchange of structured data."
Sean McGrath: "... standardisation of data representation..."
K. Dick "...standard for electroninc data interchange.."
Fuch: "XML is designed to encode information in ways that are compatible to men and machines."
"XML is best utilised as a data interchange format between databases..."