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Re: XML Schema: DOs and DON'Ts

> In global complexTypes the only
> additional learning is how to refer to them-- which seems to correspond with
> the additional reference to an attributeGroup.  While I am happy to see

My motivation is to convince readers to use XML Schema as "DTD+NS+DT",
as I wrote in the introduction.

So one of my primary goals is to wipe off complex types from our brains
as much as possible.

We don't lose any expressiveness by forgetting complex types. Schemas
without complex types are not verbose. On the other hand, losing
attribute groups makes your schema considerably verbose.

It is also noteworthy that we've been using the concept of the attribute
group in DTD, whereas we haven't used the concept of complex types in

> All of that said, I do like the document-- keep up the good work.

Thank you very much.

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