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Re: XLink url factorisation

XLink allows for using XML Base to "factor out" URI bases.  See the 
following for more information:

XLink section on conformance relationship to XML Base:
XLink section on how its href attribute uses XML Base:
XML Base spec:

You can instead use XML entity references to shorten that portion of the 
URI, if you wish; it doesn't require understanding of XML Base, and works 
for all URIs (and all types of strings) regardless of whether XML Base has 
been referenced by the vocabulary-defining application in question (but has 
other restrictions that XML Base does not):

<!DOCTYPE doc [
<!ENTITY uribase1 "http://www.example.com/">
<!ENTITY uribase2 "http://www.example.org/">
     randomAtt2="&uribase2;fileB.xml" />

All your base are belong to us :-),


At 12:20 PM 5/22/01 +0200, olivier.dameron@gmx.net wrote:
>    I want to describe relations between elements of two xml files in a third
>one, but I would prefer to define only once the url of each one.
>    For example:
>FileA.xml is a collection of <EltA ident="a0"/>...<EltA ident="an"/>
>FileB.xml is a collection of <EltB ident="b0"/>...<EltB ident="bm"/>
>    A simple solution would be like :
>   <refA href="...FileA.xml"/>
>   <refB href="...FileB.xml"/>
>   <relation>
>     <elemA refIdent="a0"/>
>     <elemB refIdent="b0"/>
>     <elemB refIdent="b1"/>
>     <elemB refIdent="b7"/>
>   </relation>
>   <relation>
>     ...
>   </relation>
>    However, I would rather use extended XLink. Then, each FileA or FileB
>element would be a locator :
><refElem ident="elemA0" xlink:type="locator" href="...FileA.xml#id(a0)"
><refElem ident="elemA1" xlink:type="locator" href="...FileA.xml#id(a1)"
><refElem ident="elemBm" xlink:type="locator" href="...FileB.xml#id(bm)"
>And then I would just have to define the arcs elements.
>    What bothers me is the repetition for each locator of the whole URL of
>FileA.xml or FileB.xml Is there a smart way to avoid it ?
>    I thought of defining a simple XLink to each file, but I don't know how
>to perform the relative references within locators
>Any hint/suggestion are welcome
>Best Regards,
>Olivier Dameron
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