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Re: Types and Context

Jeni Tennison wrote:
> It would be nice if, when I changed the type of the 'mobile'
> element in the schema, it was automatically reflected in the XSLT.
> Possibly this is a way to go, though - use the XML Schema to create a
> stylesheet with default templates for all the elements that it
> defines, applying templates using the type as the mode, import that,
> and add overriding templates for type-based behaviour... hmm...
I was wondering if that could be used as a kind of API to the PSVI, but
then I realised that it might work as adornments to elements, but
wouldn't be much good for attribute types that get re-used across
element types.

It still leaves the real work with the parser authors. Alternatively,
given regular expression support and exslt:node-set(), I suspect that an
XSD in XSLT project would be more feasible than previously. There's a
lot more experience floating round now than there was. I see XSDComp
seems not to have been updated since April last year - maybe time for
some sort of re-launch?