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Re: Picking the Tools -- Marrying processing models to data models

On Wed, 23 May 2001, W. E. Perry wrote:

> polymorphism, which is really just late binding' argument, but I add
> to it my own arguments that implementation of interfaces sufficiently
> congruent to qualify as currently-understood OO practice is
> effectively impossible in the internetwork topology.

It's being done... almost all protocols are OO in some way or
another; the request specifies a command and what to operate that
command upon. HTTP provides an interface that allows you to perform
"methods" on "objects", and such methods as GET and POST and HEAD are
alive and well! IMAP, FTP, LDAP, and so on are very similar. SMTP is an
exception, not having much of a notion of server state access, since it
only creates objects on the server rather than accessing them :-)

OO - wrapping things in interfaces, and having implementations that can
send messages to interfaces on other objects - is a *very* Internetish

> Walter Perry


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