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RE: APIs, messaging

I think this time there's three camps, and time for a campy analogy:

I order bacon from three butchers: a document-centric butcher, an
object-centric butcher, and a data-centric butcher:

The document-centric butcher sends me a pig carcass, and tells me that my
bacon's in there somewhere, and if I dig around for it I'll know it when I
see it.

The object-centric butcher sends me a live hog, with markings indicating
where the bacon is, tools for butchering the hog, and maybe even detailed
instructions on how to butcher it. If I were to ask for bacon again, I'd get
a different set of tools and instructions written by a different butcher who
appears to use different methods than the last butcher, or maybe they're the
same methods named differently.

The data-centric butcher sends me a nice package of bacon. I don't know what
part of the pig it came from, and I learn anything about butchering, but I
got what I asked for, and no more.