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RE: APIs, messaging

At 11:28 AM 23/05/01 -0700, Jeff Lowery wrote:
>The data-centric butcher sends me a nice package of bacon. I don't know what
>part of the pig it came from, and I learn anything about butchering, but I
>got what I asked for, and no more. 

This butcher has reduced a pig, which is actually quite a 
general-purpose kind of thing, to a dumbed-down package 
hardwired to work in only one application of pigs.  This reminds 
me of reducing a complicated XML-encoded financial report to a 
PDF and sending that along... neatly packaged all right, but 
hardwired to one application.  

I would hope that people who describe themselves as 
"data-centric" have a little more respect for the stuff
than this example would suggest. -Tim