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Re: 3 basic XML questions on: non-determism, reserved symbols,and xml:lang

At 02:28 PM 23/05/01 -0500, Eric Bohlman wrote:
>5/23/01 11:49:46 AM, Mike Brown <mike@skew.org> wrote:
>>">" must be escaped when it follows "]]" and is character data, not markup
>>indicating the end of a CDATA section. This is supposedly for (SGML?)
>Nope.  There's no way to escape a ">" in that situation, because CDATA sections aren't parsed for 

Well, er

  <![CDATA[This is an example of how to send the ugly
  string "]]]]><![CDATA[>" down the wire using only CDATA
  section escaping.]]>

Not that it's pretty or anything. -T