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Re: APIs, messaging

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Uche Ogbuji wrote:

> > > I'm not saying that registries are a magic bullet for successful
> > > work to be done, and some of it may require fundamental comp sci
> > > developments, but if Web services are really a valulable new development,
> > > and not just a slower, less secure, fatter network form of RPC, we'll have
> > > to find a way to make it as flexible as the pundits claim it can be.
> >
> > Egads! Good luck. You have ASN.1 to compete with, as well as the
> > fact that good protocol design allows for dealing with unexpected
> > and unexplained extensions to what the receiver expects gracefully... to
> > avoid reinventing the wheel, read of what has gone before:
> ???
> Are you addressing me?  If so I'm not sure you read my message rightly.
> I'm not one of the ones advocating Web services as brave new panacea.
> Or were you addressing others and using "you" rhetorically?

The plural you, replying to your "we" from "we'll have to" near the end 


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