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Re: Apache Xerces

On Mon, 28 May 2001, Inderbir Oberoi wrote:

> We wish to use XML handling functionality similar to Apache Xerces,
> but in C. We have a contraint for not using C++ for the solution, and
> since Apache Xerces is in C++ we can't utilise its functionality.
> I wish to know whether writing wrappers around Apache Xerces C++ code
> is the only solution for it or is there any other way out. (and if
> thats the only solution, how much of an effort shall it be, since
> we've not explored Xerces thoroughly)
> Secondly, is there any other open source resource where one can find
> functions similar to Apache Xerces in C.

It's possible to wrap some of the Xerces stuff in C, but probably not
worth the effort to get all the DOM stuff when there are C based DOM's out
there, such as the Gnome project's libxml2 at http://xmlsoft.org/


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