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RE: A few things I noticed about w3c's xml-schema

On Wed, 30 May 2001, David E. Cleary wrote:

> So who are the "real founders" of XML you are speaking for? I assume they
> don't include Michael Sperberg-McQueen, Dan Connolly, Dave Hollander, Eve
> Maler, and Murray Maloney since they were all part of creating the XML
> Schema Recommendation.

Above all - Yuri Rubinsky!
The list is very extensive but starts with Yuri and Jon Bosak.
Others include, Tim Bray, Dave Megginson, Lauren Wood, Peter 
Sharpe, Ken Holman.  The list really is too extensive but
these people were some of the first pioneers.  

These are people were working in the background long before
XML became even a gleam in anyones eyes.  Yuri had the vision
many many years ago and it has been a collaborative effort
to bring it to where it is today.  

We would also be remiss without Tim Berners-Lee selecting
SGML as the basis for HTML instead of NROFF or some other
composition system.

I think Yuri would be proud of what has been accomplished in
the last 5 years and amazed at the speed.  I also think some
of the XML specifications would be much better if he had
been able to lend a guiding hand.


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