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Re: A few things I noticed about w3c's xml-schema


>> So who are the "real founders" of XML you are speaking for? I assume
>> they don't include Michael Sperberg-McQueen, Dan Connolly, Dave Hollander,
>> Eve Maler, and Murray Maloney since they were all part of creating the XML
>> Schema Recommendation.


> Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 11:09:34 +0800
> From: Rick Jelliffe <ricko@allette.com.au>
> To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
> Let alone Dave Peterson, who was involved in SGML before the ISO standard
> came out in 1986. (And he was using for database transfers back then, by
> the way.)  The real founders of XML are, more than anything, the
> founders of SGML, since XML is mostly SGML with the configurable bits lopped off.


> From: "Betty L. Harvey" <harvey@eccnet.eccnet.com>
> Subject: RE: A few things I noticed about w3c's xml-schema
> Above all - Yuri Rubinsky!
> The list is very extensive but starts with Yuri and Jon Bosak.
> Others include, Tim Bray, Dave Megginson, Lauren Wood, Peter 
> Sharpe, Ken Holman...
> Yuri had the vision many many years ago and it has been a 
> collaborative effort to bring it to where it is today.

Here's a friendly challenge to the XML 'experts' who now stand upon the
shoulders of those who preceded them: if you never met Yuri, try to
read the obituary notices with the guess than you might come away
unchanged in your inner person.  You probably won't.  XML (SGML
'lopped off') stands at the boundary between sanity and insanity, but
contrary to what one might justifiably conclude from the current
climate, it's not all about money.  Take the dare (I dare you); there are
only about 60 items:


What do you want your epitaph to say?

- Robin Cover
  XML Cover Pages