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RE: meta-specs

Title: RE: meta-specs

Presumably this is the reason for the <anyAttribute> in XSD.

All sorts of other interesting possibilities arise here, for example:
- This should fit in rather nicely with String Theory (if we abandon XSD datatypes).
- One of the foundations of uncertainty theories is that the act of measuring will change the object being measured. You'd have to be careful with Quantum XML that parsing a document does not change its content or namespace.

- Perhaps this could be the first important step towards a Grand Unified Theory of XML, which will finally tie all these meta-specs together.

- A la Schrodingers Cat, if you put 4 documents into 2 schema "boxes" and parse them, are the documents actually valid until you open the box and have a look?


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[Sean McGrath]

> You might be interested in Quantum Markup Language then:
>          http://lists.xml.org/archives/xml-dev/200004/msg00017.html
Fascinating, but I didn't see any mention of the Goldfarb Uncertainty
Principle in your synopsis - surely it must play a significant role??  I
believe that one of the many manifestations of the GUP is that you can know
exactly either the namespace or the attribute, but not both at the same


Tom P

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