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Re: meta-specs (was RE: A few things I noticed about w3c's xml-schema)

Joel Rees wrote:

> Iwaku Jonathan Borden:
> > As you stick each of your documents into the boxes you find that for two
> of
> > the boxes, half the documents cause the box to light up and for the
> > two boxes the other half of the documents cause the box to light up. You
> now
> > have your two groups of documents, and two groups of schemata. We say
> > of the schema in the group is "equal" because they each have the same
> of
> > instance documents.
> Is this ability to compare instances assumed to be hypothetical, or can it
> actually be implemented for some subset of instances?

It can be easily implemented for some subset of documents. An instance
validator for a schema language indicates whether a document is "valid" with
respect to a schema. For a DTD, this is implemented by a validating parser.