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Re: Off-Topic: RE: A few things I noticed about w3c's xml-schema

At 4:50 AM -0700 6/1/01, Tim Bray wrote:

>... There was
>a certain amount of "this is nice but of course when you want
>to do heavy lifting you'll have to use Full ISO SGML", but
>even that didn't last long past the first wave of decent
>freeware tools.

Tim makes it sound as if the world were not big enough for both SGML 
and XML; as if acceptance of XML as useful and valuable for many 
people and many applications meant that SGML was useless.  At least 
in my experience (and my business) that is not the case.  We find 
that most of our clients want XML and are very happy with it; but 
that for some of the people we work with SGML is appropriate and 
preferred - even for new applications!

SGML's child, XML, is certainly larger, louder, and more charismatic. 
But SGML is not dead.

-- Tommie
B. Tommie Usdin                        mailto:btusdin@mulberrytech.com
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