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Re: Copyrighting schemas, Hailstorm

Dimitris Dimitriadis wrote:


[dd] If I have a particular set of identification means (password, voice,
retinal scan, fingerprint, what have you) and rest assured that that's
enough and they can be forged and used by others, we end up in the pig
loving donkey case (only difference being that I have less money and more
bills, possibly even a secret lover I didn't know of until then). If, on the
other hand, we can come up with alternative means that cannot be forged, we
can rest assured that nothing bad will happen.


Forgeries have always existed and always will. So are you asking how to keep
the statical rate of occurence low enough to avoid violent revolution? (in
spite of the fact that your tool is primarily a box that allows people to do
stupid things at higher and higher speeds.)

Has anyone noted the news items about computerizing land records for farmers
in the backwoods of India? They use fingerprint IDs, and the government
officials in charge seem sold on the concept that since passwords aren't
being used they can't be abused. Said government officials have extrapolated
to a zero probability of forgery (or at least a low enough probability of


Joel Rees