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Re: Type and Structure Re: ASN.1 and XML

> > I do not see either TREX or RELAX as trying to interpose a type system
> > between markup structure and the model (I assume you mean a
> > conceptual/semantic model).
> > In fact, this is one of the big differences in philosophy I see between
> > TREX and RELAX on the one hand, and W3C XML Schema on the other.
> What sort of "semantic model" are we talking about? The ones I am familiar
> with are concerned at the core with type hierarchies or at least things that
> look awfully alot like type hierarchies.

Yes, and I don't see how this contradicts James's point.  Typing belongs
in the semantic model and James points out that TREX and RELAX don't make
the (IMO) mistake of interposing typing between the syntax and semantics.

Basically, XSD is not designed at the level of semantic processing, so
it's an odd  place to find type annotation.

> Of course I think types can be represented in a very simple fashion i.e. any
> constraint defines a type, and a type is no more nor less than a constraint.

I agree only with the qualifier "any constraint at the semantic level".

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