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ANNOUNCE: XML Agent small scale open license native XML database engine

Announcing XML Agent, an open license, native XML database server.

At Media Fusion, Co., Ltd., of Amagasaki, Japan, we are hard at work
developing a high-speed native XML database engine for large scale systems,
which we expect will revolutionize database handling in XML. International
release of the full engine, which we are tentatively calling Yggdrasill, is
slated for this fall.

In the meantime, we are making a limited, small scale prototype of our
engine available for download in Japan under open license terms.

This prototype, which we call XML Agent, is implemented in Borland Delphi.
In addition to Delphi, we have demonstrated interoperability with Visual
Basic, Visual C, Perl, and Ruby.

Features of XML Agent:

* Functionality is independent of DTD definitions. Well-formed XML is fully
accepted for all functions.
* XML data is stored in its native form, without corrupting the document
* XML Agent includes a simplified, proprietary query language patterned
after a subset of XPath.
* Queries are supported by relational database technology.
  (XML Agent requires the use a 3rd party relational database backend to
implement parts of the query function, but RDB database definition details
are handled transparently.)
* The object and important elements of the source are available under open
license terms, making the engine highly customizable.

Naturally, the prototype has some limitations, but it is flexible enough and
fast enough that we have successfully implemented production systems with

See http://www.mediafusion.co.jp/xml-e/index.html for more information.

Joel Rees or Soichi Sasaki

Joel Rees
============================XML as Best Solution===
Media Fusion Co.,Ltd.  株式会社メディアフュージョン
Amagasaki  TEL 81-6-6415-2560    FAX 81-6-6415-2556
    Tokyo TEL 81-3-3516-2566   FAX 81-3-3516-2567