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Re: MS Word as XML editor?

Alan Kent wrote:

> True, sorry. I jumped in towards the end without reading all of the previous.
> We have the ability to convert any 'save as web page' or RTF document into
> an XML markup, but it just says "para 1, style Heading 1. para 2, style
> Normal" and so on. Its not generic XML. Generic XML, as you say, requires
> a human to write a configuration file to be built up relating the Word
> paragraph and character styles (and colors etc) to a DTD-like structure
> to convert the flat list of stylized lumps of text into a nice XML structure.

Perhaps you're closer than I thought - I was under the impression that you were
only ably to deal with specifically templated documents, not any RTF document. At
the level that you describe, it's not that much different to FrameMaker+SGML. It
applies some smarts to create container elements where it can (levels, lists,
etc) but not much more unless you're using a DTD.


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