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Re: MS Word as XML editor?

Bob DuCharme wrote:
> >   would you please provide any information on using MS Word as XML editor
> > (ideally like FrameMaker+SGML)? Any links, ideas, addon software?
> To go from Word to XML, there are tools for converting RTF to XML[1] ), and
> a rather convoluted option using Word's Save As HTML option[2].
> [2] Save As HTML, write a perl script or something to clean out all the
> ill-formed garbage that makes Dave Raggett's Tidy
> (http://www.w3.org/People/Raggett/tidy/) choke on it, and run Tidy to create
> a well-formed version of the HTML.

A less convoluted solution to convert Word exported as HTML is through
using Simon's o2kxml [1] Sax filter and a XSLT transformation to convert
it into your XML format.

I am using a similar solution (Aelfred parser modified to read this
format that I can share if there is any interest) to edit all the
articles on XMLfr and find it very convenient.

One should note that transforming based on Word styles very sensitive to
the way these styles are used and that the success of the operation
relies on the discipline of the users...


[1] http://www.simonstl.com/projects/o2kxml/
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> snee.com>      see http://www.snee.com/bob/xsltquickly for
> info on new book "XSLT Quickly" from Manning Publications.
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