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"XML isn't going to win any prizes for technical elegance." - was RE:James Clark on Markup Languages and XML

The above quote is from the article. I wonder does this mean that he
believes XML is too similar to SGML, or not similar enough, or something

It was a good interview to read.

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Robin Cover [SMTP:robin@isogen.com]
> Sent:	Monday, June 04, 2001 9:54 PM
> To:	XML-DEV Discussion
> Subject:	James Clark on Markup Languages and XML
> An article of probable interest:
> [June 04, 2001]
> <http://www.ddj.com/articles/2001/0107/0107e/0107e.htm>
> "A Triumph of Simplicity: James Clark on Markup Languages and XML.
> [DDJ
> Interviews James Clark. Feature.]"  By Eugene Eric Kim and James
> Clark. In <cite><a href="http://www.ddj.com/">Dr. Dobb's
> Journal</a></cite> Issue 326 (July 2001), pages 56-60. ['Whether you
> know it or not, James Clark has made your life easier by creating a
> number of open-source tools such as expat (an XML parser), groff (a
> GNU version of troff), TREX (an XML schema language), and more. Eugene
> Eric Kim talks to James about these tools, plus the state of XML.']
> Other articles of possible interest:
> http://xml.coverpages.org/xmlArticles.html
> Happy reading,
> Robin Cover