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Re: How to POST in XML format

First, thanks to all who provided input.

On Jun 08, 2001 01:46pm, MIKE@SKEW.ORG wrote to ALL:

>>   a) you could use a proxy or middleware whichs reformats the
>>      data into XML/SOAP before sending to a seerver, and

 > Yes.

I wrote a javascript to generically wrap form elements in a XML
format.  Now I have to add yet another layer to our server to
take in a new format. Great! Now I'll have more OVERHEAD <g>

>>   b) you can also use the FORM type="text/xml" attribute
>>      using the "browser" built-in XML support.

 > No. Well, if the browser has such a thing, sure. But HTML does not allow
 > for the possibility of anything other than the 2 standard media types for
 > form data submissions. If you find an example of "B", let me know. :)

I thought I read some where in the internet where you can do B but it
required encoding schemas.  I have to do the search again for this,
but I properly misunderstood thinking this was all said and done.

The main point I realize now and surprise to see is that the client
world has not standardized on it yet.  Just coming into XML/SOAP now,
one would think this is all resolved by now. :-)

Thanks again

Hector Santos, President