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XML 1.0 Conformance Test Results

Dear ladies and gentlemen

We at ElCel Technology are very impressed with the OASIS/NIST XM Conformance
test suite and have found it very useful for testing our xml-related
products.  We thank you for making the tests publicly available.  In return
we would like to make you aware of some tests that we believe to be in
error.  This email is copied to XML-DEV so that other developers will be
made aware of the problems.

We downloaded the second edition of the OASIS/NIST Conformance Test Suite
[1].  As has been reported before, several files were missing from the
archive so we applied the patch [2] form the XML Testing Subproject [3] on
sourceforge.net.  This appears to fix the missing file problems, all the
other failures seem (to us) to be errors in the individual tests.

Here is the report of failed tests:-

Welcome to the OASIS/NIST XML Test Suite
Testing the ElCel XML Validator running on linux

xmltest/valid/not-sa/022.xml Test Failed: 022.ent [3:41] : Error:
conditional DTD section must start and end within the same entity

Canonical output mismatch between sun/valid/not-sa02.xml and

sun/valid/optional.xml Test Failed: optional.xml [25:26] : Error:
non-deterministic content model for element 'once-or-more-1a': more than one
path leads to element 'e'

Canonical output mismatch between sun/valid/sa02.xml and

ibm/valid/P02/ibm02v01.xml Test Failed: ibm02v01.xml [14:49] : Fatal error:
Invalid UTF-8 sequence: 0xF090805F

ibm/valid/P58/ibm58v01.xml Test Failed: ibm58v01.xml [16:48] : Error:
duplicate token value 'that' for attribute 'attr'

ibm58v01.xml [17:51] : Error: duplicate token value 'that' for attribute
ibm58v01.xml [17:58] : Error: duplicate token value 'that' for attribute

ibm/valid/P59/ibm59v01.xml Test Failed: ibm59v01.xml [14:38] : Error:
duplicate token value 'two' for attribute 'attr'

End of Tests

These tests were carried out using our publicly available XML Validator and
Canonical XML processor.

The "duplicate token value 'x' for attribute 'y' test was added to our
processor in response to the XML errata [4] which added the Validity
constraint: No duplicate tokens

Please confirm if you agree or disagree with our assertions.  It would be
interesting to know when a new release of the conformance tests will be made

Kind regards
Rob Lugt
ElCel Technology

[2] http://xmlconf.sourceforge.net/xml/update.sh
[3] http://xmlconf.sourceforge.net/xml/
[4] http://www.w3.org/XML/xml-V10-2e-errata