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Re: Searching multiple 500KB+ XML documents

Mattio Valentino wrote:
> Hello.  Anyone have some ideas/links/suggestions regarding relatively easy
> (for me) and relatively inexpensive (for the company) ways to search
> multiple (less than 50) XML documents running about 500KB in size?  I've
> encountered some mention of an Oracle solution in the XSL list archive and
> FAQ but that solution really is overkill right now -- along with a
> full-blown repository (one's in the works, but it's still months away).
> I've briefly seen GoXML. Any thoughts there? Anything similar?
> Do I just spin them out as HTML and use MS Index Server to get by?
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Hello Mattio:

This is a question that gets asked to our sales team often at XML
Global.  As the developers of GoXML,  we have had numerous inquiries to
use the advanced features of GoXML with very small document sets. 
Accordingly,  we have positioned our product to be exploited as a web
service for smaller index sizes.

I would not consider spitting the documents out as HTML becuase you
would then loose the structure that enables true contextual searching of
your documents. 
Anyone can use GoXML as a web service by using the developers SDK and
setting up a channel with us.  The channel function gives you the
ability to conduct searches on your documents alone (the same
functionality as if you had an entire implementation to just handle your
documents).  The performance of calling GoXML as a web service lags a
bit due to network latency as opposed to having a standalone server
within your own network but the tradeoff is you can begin today and you
don't incur the server/software cost.  A demonstration of the web
services can be seen by viewing a set of *.jsp pages using it at:


If you are interested,  I can arrange this for you (or anyone else who
wishes to use GoXML Search).  Please email me privately.


(604) 717-1100 #108
Duane Nickull, CTO - Founder
XML Global Technologies, Inc.