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How to get started with XML/SOAP

If I can outline what we have, can some one guide me in the right
direction so I don't reinvent the wheel here?  Thanks:

We have the following:

1) A RPC based CLIENT API for access to our server databases.

2) We have a converters for the following:

   C to PASCAL to create headers and function protocol
   C to JAVA
   C to DELPHI
   C to FoxPro

   So we have the ability to create any other interface
   we need.

3) A server-side compiled BASIC-like language. Compiled
   modules can run standalone and/or via HTTP request.
   The applets have WCX extensions.

4) Currently, our server are distributed with canned client
   connectivity software, so for example our WEB interface
   come with a library of WCX modules to provide the
   Web Services such as Email, Mail Forums and File
   Uploads/Downloads.  The customer can customize it
   by editing our html templates (akin to ASP) and/or
   customizing the server-side modules.

5) All HTTP request are handled using standard URL argument
   processing or POST mime multi-part data processing.

So, I want to see what do I need to do to expose our API/SDK
to the outside world.  What are my choices here?

It seems to me after spending over 1 week researching and
exploring XML/SOAP, then we can:

a) Create an SDK converter to create the WSDL URL....?
b) Prepare our HTTP request processor by adding another
   layer to handle XML data.

What is SOAP/RPC?  Can I use SDK converter to create a
SOAP/RPC "Definition" file? whatever that is?

I'm just trying to see what I need to do to quickly create
whatever it is to expose our API/SDK.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.