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Re: problems with datasection

Tim Bray <tbray@textuality.com> writes:

> At 07:18 PM 11/06/01 -0400, Steve Rowe wrote:
> >Sounds like you need to convert the binary data which you're
> >attempting to store in a CDATA section into a form which will be XML
> >compliant.  The standard solution for this problem is Base64 encoding.
> If it's base64, you don't need to use a CDATA section; one of
> the nice things about base64 is it doesn't use < or > or & -
> [/+a-zA-Z0-9] if I recall correctly.  Furthermore, base64 is 
> smart about whitespace, so you can even make it look pretty.  
> Works very nicely indeed with XML, if it didn't exist we would 
> have had to invent it.
>   <someBinaryGibberish encoding="base64">
> ZA3yL5Q237IPQ9pE5C/opo7FBLpmRCfOh20VsjhVtKyohMyFMpJlEUXszyU0hMOdM6c5gfsv
> ...etc...
> fqraUBbFv4+63t/Gi48VokezN3i5RkxZcXtdZiuNBttATtK945stryFg7k/YkpMG4e6plaL1
>    </someBinaryGibberish>
> I'm sure there are some xsd: attributes you could use to say 
> in a standardized way that this is base64, but <blush> I don't
> know it.  XSD gureaux?


[the namespace decls can/should of course be higher up if you have
more than one of these blobs in a document]

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