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Re: Name Space Question

> Hi Jonathan
> What is the reasoning behind
> >that is, an attribute _DOES NOT EVER_ inherit the namespace of its
> >containing element.
> It seems to me that it should be the other way around if name space
> is not specified.

mumble mumble ... don't know the answer ... mumble mumble .... once heard
about an sgml concept ... mumble mumble  ... something about traditional
namespace partitions ...

see XML Namespace rec - A.2 XML Namespace Partitions (non-normative

As long as everyone understands the rules (which are clearcut in my mind),
things work ok. Programming interfaces that provide access to attributes,
provide attributes in the context of a particular element, so software is
free to use particular attributes as it sees fit -- there are unqualified
unprefixed attributes and qualified prefixed attributes just no unprefixed
qualified attributes (e.g. defaults don't apply). I don't see a particular
need that requires unprefixed qualified attributes so this doesn't bother