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Re: XML 1.0 Conformance Test Results

> >The only definition for the Sun canonical form that I have found is the one
> >packaged with the conformance tests.  This is labelled "Draft 1" and does,
> >as you state, indicate that the DTD should appear first. ...
> Mine doesn't output PIs from the DTD at all.

I think that the logical course would be to require that all PIs (before
or within the DTD) be reported in document order.  PIs within the
DTD would be either before or after the declarations.  Call that a bug
in the canonical form definitions.  (Did the W3C ever fix their canon
xml stuff so it was usable in such contexts?)

Anything else would seem to drop the requirements of the XML spec
that PIs be reported.  If that happens, then the XML spec would
need to be revised (and this isn't a case where that should happen).

- Dave