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Re: XML 1.0 Conformance Test Results

David Brownell wrote

> > >The only definition for the Sun canonical form that I have found is the
> > >packaged with the conformance tests.  This is labelled "Draft 1" and
> > >as you state, indicate that the DTD should appear first. ...
> >
> > Mine doesn't output PIs from the DTD at all.
> I think that the logical course would be to require that all PIs (before
> or within the DTD) be reported in document order.  PIs within the
> DTD would be either before or after the declarations.

Agreed, this makes much more sense.  This still leaves the question of
whether PIs within the DTD should be included.

> Call that a bug in the canonical form definitions.  (Did the W3C ever fix
their canon
> xml stuff so it was usable in such contexts?)

Not sure what you mean.  The W3C canonicalization algorithm does not allow
for a DTD in the canonical form.  PIs are output in document order.

> Anything else would seem to drop the requirements of the XML spec
> that PIs be reported.  If that happens, then the XML spec would
> need to be revised (and this isn't a case where that should happen).

I don't quiet see your point, but I agree that we don't want to need XML 1.0
to change!

Rob Lugt
ElCel Technology