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Re: XML 1.0 Conformance Test Results

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the updated info.


> >Canonical output mismatch between sun/valid/not-sa02.xml and
> >sun/valid/out/not-sa02.xml
> and
> >Canonical output mismatch between sun/valid/sa02.xml and
> >sun/valid/out/sa02.xml
> There has been some confusion about the validity of tokens separated
> by character references to whitespace (which depends on the
> definitions of Names and Nmtokens).

In looking at the sun/valid/not-sa02.xml file, I can't find any tokens that
that are separated _only_ by character references to whitespace.  The most
likely offender would appear to be:

    nmtokens =  " this&#x0d;&#x0a; also  gets&#x20; normalized "

but there are literal spaces following the character references in each case.
So it would appear I am not understanding the issue properly.  Would you mind
explaining in a little more detail for those of us that came in late... <g>
why these documents are not in fact well-formed  (or should that actually be
not valid as you stated)?