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Re: Non-deterministic content model

Actually Kohsuke is right -- (a & b?) is *not* inherently 1-ambiguous.

Also I think, the language specified by ((a, b)*, a) cannot be written as
an 1-unambiguous regular expression or 1-unambiguous model group -- I
think --

when you see an "a" in the string, you do *not* know whether it is the
first a or the second a, unless you know whether there is b following

i think the above example holds for all model groups defined to date --
thanks a lot.

are there any opinions/suggestions??

Derek, try to give the content model for ((a, b)*, a), if you are not

thanks and regards - murali.

On Wed, 13 Jun 2001, K.Kawaguchi wrote:

> > (a, b? | b?, a)
> Since the above is the equivalent of ( a | ab | ba ),
> you can write it as
> (a,b?) | (b,a)
> which is deterministic.
> How about this?
> > (a b)* a?
> I think this cannot be written by the deterministic content model.
> regards,
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> K.Kawaguchi
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