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RE: How are you using XML?

Hi John

	I developed allot of control processes that must run on UNIX, NT,
and Linux. I usually develop the scripts in PERL or JAVA. I basically use
XML documents to describe how the procedure is to be executed on the various
platforms (One XML document for each system [production system) or
sub-system (test systems)]. The XML document contains the Documentation for
the procedure, specific commands to be executed on the platform it is
associated with, and various parameters such as user ids, password, URI's,
FTP sites, etc. The PERL or JAVA scripts provide a GUI interface with the
user or computer operator to perform the tasks, monitor the status of the
tasks, and email required personnel as to the success or failure of the
process. I also send messages between tasks using XML. 

	By using XML in this way, machine and human readable information is
contained in the same documents allowing for execution of procedures and
resolution of problems by personnel who don't have to know PERL, JAVA, UNIX,
NT, or Linux languages and/or system functions, just the business rules or
the required results of the process they are trying to perform. The Human
readable documentation guides the user through the performance of the

	I am currently using DTDs, not schemas for the editing and parsing
of the XML documents. This is more so because I started the development in
SGML (well formed) before XML and Schemas.


Bill Conrad

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From: John L Thom [mailto:thomj@spawar.navy.mil]
Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2001 11:11 AM
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Subject: How are you using XML?

XML Dev:

General question to everyone - How are you using XML and Why?

Thank you,

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