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Re: How are you using XML?

Okay - I wasn't going to reply about XMLG but since others have
responded..   ;-)

XML Global is using XML for various configuration files within our
software and also for communications between systems (sometimes ebXML
TRP - based on SOAP).

1. Our XML Search Engine uses XML for various configuration files and to
for clients to talk to the server in certain deployments. 

2. Our ebXML Registry system uses XML files for declaring Classification
Schemes and ebXML TRP for communications.  

3. Our XML Transformation engine uses XML files for declaring
transformation mappings (download trial at:


to see the how it works.  It is non XSLT)

4.  Our XML e-Commerce System used XML for various messaging,
configuration and storage requirements:


5. Our CatXML Catalog management system uses XML for a variety of
functions including catalog management, catalog queries, catalog item
storage and more.  To view the messaging,  go to:


6. We have started building US government systems and canadian
government systems that use our Native XML Database (GoXML DB) for
storage of information, XML for configuration files and communications.

7.  We also built a lightweight Core Component meta data Registry using
Commerce One's xCBL 2.0 elements as the basis.  The Core Components are
expressed in XML syntax and indexed by a configuration of GoXMl Search v



Sometimes I start to dream in XML (imagine yourself on a beach
surrounded by angle brackets - yikkes!!!)  Time for a vacation....


Duane Nickull, CTO - Founder
XML Global Technologies, Inc.