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RE: designers as users etc.

Quoting "Bullard, Claude L (Len)" <clbullar@ingr.com>:

> Toss in 
> the semantic web hype and this is a witches brew 
> guaranteed to produce "toil and trouble".  Put 
> all that in the hands of people who have yet 
> to understand what well-formed means and you 
> see quickly that XML is really in much worse 
> shape than SGML for the end-user.

Horror story: a client of the company I work for are planning to move to an
XML-based data processing model. When asked why they were ditching the already
working system for one that would do less (the already working system did stuff
that XSLT just won't do, and validates things using semantic knowledge that DTDs
and XSDs can't express), the guy who had made this decision said "I don't really
know what XML is or how it works, but it's what everyone's using these days, and
we need to keep up with the times"


> Len 

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