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XML 1.0 is simple. was: RE: almost four years ago....


> XML 1.0 is.

This is the key point. Here is XML -- XML is itself simple. It _enables_ you
to be simple, but if you want to be complicated, go ahead.

Perhaps we should stop talking about the family of specs surrounding XML as
if they _are_ XML itself. That is to say, defining "XML in totality" is akin
to defining binary logic (simple) and defining the latest multiGHz Pentium
IV with a gazillion gates _as_ part of "binary logic in totality".

> The family of specs around it
> are not.  You can teach XML 1.0 in about
> half a day.  The rest can take three semesters
> and then a year of practice.  Once out of the
> simple instance, XML specs specify a system.
> Taken in totality, XML is now much harder
> then SGML and throwing the combined specs
> onto a floor would kill the first three
> rows of the audience.