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Re: SAX 2.0 enhancement proposal

>> James Clark pointed out [1] that the proposal (with his modifications)
>> moves SAX more into line with the XML Infoset specification [2].

> But that would apply only to UNPARSED entities (or presumably notations).

The Infoset also has Unexpanded Entity Reference items for use by
parsers that do not expand external general entities.

> I still feel like you're ignoring my basic point: if that draft
> expects to interpret those identifiers in conflict with clear language
> in the XML specification, the bug is in that draft, not SAX.

I haven't been following this thread closely, but doesn't the XML spec
give specific permission for system ids to *not* be interpreted relative
to the "expected" base URI?

   Unless otherwise provided by information outside the scope of this
   specification (e.g. a special XML element type defined by a
   particular DTD, or a processing instruction defined by a particular
   application specification), relative URIs are relative to the
   location of the resource within which the entity declaration

So a processing instruction might specify an alternative base URI, and
the system id would have to be resolved at the application level, not
by SAX.

-- Richard