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Re: almost four years ago....

Quoting Peter Flynn <peter@silmaril.ie>:

> Store the master in XML...but deliver in a form suited to your
> customers' needs, and if that means gzipped .dvi files dervied
> from the master source, so be it. 
> It's still risky to assume that every Internet user has a 1GHz
> machine with limitless disk space on a T1 connection.

Quite. XML does have a somewhat fascist disregard for embedded devices and 
lightweight applications. It amuses me when people refer to SOAP or XML-RPC 
as "lightweight RPC protocols" when they're orders of magnitude more 
heavyweight than ONC RPC.

At some point I'll shove all this stuff on a Web page and post the URL when 
this comes up - the pro-verbose faction can point to the XML Deviant article 
from last time :-)

> ///Peter


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