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Re: almost four years ago....

Quoting Elliotte Rusty Harold <elharo@metalab.unc.edu>:

> There seems to be a large group of programmers who 
> mistakenly believe:
> 1. File size matters.
> 2. They can compress better than gzip.

This is easy to do. GZIP is massively crippled by having no information about 
the structure of the file - it's just a string of bytes that it has to make 
some assumptions about the probable structure of with regards to frequency 
distributions that won't even apply very well to XML; it's trivial to write 
something that compresses better, especially if you use gzip for what it's best 
at (the CDATA) and handle the <> bits yourself.

> 3. Human legible/human editable data doesn't matter.

Indeed, we must never use image files, filesystems, or gzip - they'll never 
take off :-)

> All three beliefs have been empirically proven false time and time
> again.



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