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Re: XML 1.0 is simple. was: RE: almost four years ago....

On 16 Jun 2001 08:41:03 -0400, Steve Tinney wrote:
> On Saturday 16 June 2001 04:32 am, Rick Jelliffe wrote:
> > Is it "metathesis" where a part is substitution for the whole (like "sail"
> > being used for ship)?  It is just a normal part of English. So we cannot
> synecdoche

Which is really too bad, since I wanted to leap to "metastasize".

Rick again:
> So we cannot
> expect people won't use XML for the whole thing. That confusion
> between poetical use and the specific use cannot be banished.

Though I think it's pretty easy to suggest that organizations which
encourage such synecdoche deserve to be reproached for it, especially
when such synecdoche appears to exclude other potentially useful