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Fw: SAX 2.0 Enhancement proposal (2nd Ed)

Forwarded from David Megginson:-

> (Rob: I'd be grateful if you could forward this note to xml-dev and
> any other relevant lists?  I'm not currently subscribed.)
> Thanks to everyone for including me in the discussion on a new
> property for SAX2.  I apologize that it has taken me so long to get
> out a bug-fix release; to try to speed things up (and to cut down on
> the number of duplicate bug reports), I've applied for a SourceForge
> SAX account; once that's set up, we can collect all the bug reports
> and feature requests there, and they'll be visible to the public at
> large rather than being hidden in a file on my hard-drive.  I don't
> know if the CVS support will be much help, since SAX2 is meant to
> change *very* infrequently (since it's low-level infrastructure and a
> lot depends on its stability), but it will be there all the same.  
> Thanks, and all the best,
> David
> p.s. I'm also setting up SourceForge accounts for XML-Writer (Java and
> Perl) and RDF-Filter (Java).  I won't be doing so for XAF, since I'm
> not currently developing it, but I might set up an account for
> SAX2-ext later.
> -- 
> David Megginson
> david@megginson.com